Friday, 25 January 2013

Removing Labels Adhesive and Labels

Remove labels from bottles
In a previous life I had to occasionally lift labels from products so that they remained intact.
My method was to lift the corner and peel back very carefully using lighter fuel (Remember if using petroleum solutions always read the health and safety directions before use!), then extremely slowly pushing back the label. This sometimes could take a long time, but it would come off eventually.

I recently found they list 25 items they say will remove labels - all untested by me but worth a try if you need to remove that stubborn label. See link below

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Great Music Company Labels Reference

Anyone interested in Music Labels or Soul Music Company Labels should consider buying this book.
'The Wigan Casino Years - The Essential Story 1973-81 by Tim Brown' It's full of great pictures and tells the story of Northern Soul from 1973-81.

Available using links below

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New Graphene could radically change - Company Labels

Graphene times are here.

Graphene could change the face of Packaging and Company Labels in the future. The worlds thinnest material is now being used in inks. The flexibility of Graphine is being linked with the possibility of producing smart labels and packaging. 
Maybe even labels with video......but thats a long time off, I think.
It is reported that the first commercial product containing Graphene is by Siren Technology Security which uses Vorbeck Material. 

For more information on Vorbecks Ink and BBC report use links below

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Chinese new year - Free Template Image

If you're looking for a cool image for the 2013 Chinese New Year - Year of the Snake, which is suitable for a Greeting Card or Gift Label Tag use the link below or Go to, a great site for free vector artwork and images.

If you fancy a glass of great chinese beer. click here for Chinese Beer Post

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Monday, 7 January 2013

EAN Barcode Colour Guide Company Labels

An EAN barcode must print with darker bars against a paler background. A barcode will not read if reversed out. Colours must be printed in solid pure colour -  i.e. 100% spot colour - not process colour.
Black bars on a white background are a good choice, but other colours can be used with a high blue, black or green content, and printed on a white, orange, yellow or red background.

Note: This is a basic guide for barcode colour and is here for guide purposes only. A barcode verifier (ISO/IEC 15426-1) must be used to check that the bars and background will scan before printing your Company Labels.

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