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Beer Heaven - Beer Label Heaven - 2be Bruges


'2be' is a fantastic place for Beer and other belgian products. Wall to wall Beer, beautifully displayed and some brilliant labels too......... could this be the best shop in the world!

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Label Graffiti in Belgium

On a recent visit to Belgium I notice the widespread use of label graffiti. Belgium and labels seem to go hand in hand and sometimes to good effect (see Angry September sticker above - see links below). I have to say though most of my attention was taken by the brilliant beer/labels. A blog about which will appear hear soon. So keep watching.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

BBC Fake or Fortune Labels

BBC Fake or Fortune Labels
19th Century labels on the back of the painting are the key to finding the history of a painting maybe by Sir Anthony Van Dyck.

From the BBC
Art detective Philip Mould has a reputation for finding sleepers; paintings that hide dark secrets. His most remarkable finds are pictures whose true authorship has been confused, masterpieces lost beneath years of dirt and over-painting. Although Philip is used to investigating other people's paintings, this time the tables are turned as Philip's own purchase is put under the microscope.

With his keen-eyed researcher Bendor Grosvenor, Philip has bought a painting that he says could be the find of a lifetime; a work by our most important portrait painter, Sir Anthony Van Dyck, one which is worth a small fortune. The only problem is that, in order to prove it, he will have to remove later layers of paint to uncover the truth. "It's a bit like open heart surgery" says Philip, as the expensive and irreversible process begins.

A thorough restoration is needed, and inches of canvas are cut away as an earlier image begins to appear. Fiona is not convinced, and insists that the work undergoes a thorough investigation and is authenticated by an independent Van Dyck expert. Will Philip's reputation and the painting make it to the end of the journey unscathed?

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